Online Classes

Feeling like learning something new? Browse my courses below and let me know if you have any requests for my next class! Don't forget to join the wait list for my Calligraphy For Weddings and Events Masterclass coming up soon! Details are below!


IPad Lettering Effects in Procreate

If you were looking to learn some special effect lettering in Procreate, this class is perfect for you! In this class i go over my 12 favorite (and very trendy) lettering effects you can do in Procreate, and of course there bonuses! Free brushes, color swatches and a template! 


Digital Stained Glass Art

One of my most popular courses, you can use the techniques from this class to create beautiful art, greeting cards, gifts, and much more! This class comes packed with several stained glass Procreate brushes all FREE with the class!


Modern Calligraphy for beginners

Learn the art of calligraphy using a dip pen and ink! This is a class that is perfect for beginners and you also get the complete workbook (the whole alphabet!) to follow along and practice later, and a list of my favorite supplies (they fit all budgets)! 

sk brush part 1.jpg

Ready to stop buying and making your won Procreate brushes? Part 1 of this class teaches you just that! Better than making your own brushes and not buying them anymore, is the potential for you to SELL them. That's correct, make some passive income! 

Part 2 of the class dives a little deeper in to multi color and a little more complex brushes, in other words: even more fun! This will give you the confidence you need to make more complex brushes and use for your own art, or sell them on your shop. Endless possibilities! 


Calligraphy  and Lettering For Weddings and Events Masterclass wait list. Click below to get notified when early bird registration opens! (hint: there will be bonuses!)