Free Resources

If you've been looking for some free resources, I have some for you! Every week I have some special freebies I post here for the taking. Sometimes it's a brushset, sometimes a template, and most of the time, BOTH.  Follow me on IG because that's where I announce free brushes! You can follow me HERE. If you are a Skillshare member (or want to become one), make sure to watch my special effect lettering class HERE. Non Skillshare members can also watch the class HERE

*** Please note that while using any of the brushes to make commercial products are okay, these brushes are NOT to be sold by anyone else other than its owner/developer. 


IMG_1048 (2).JPG

Or you can enroll in my Digital Stained Glass Art in procreate which comes with the brushes! This is definitely a much better deal if you're looking for additional help and inspiration on stained glass effect! Check out the class here!

Other freebies