Modern Calligraphy Workshop - Learn to Address Envelopes and place cards!

August 7th, 10am PST - Escondido, CA


Who's up for bridal brunch calligraphy?

In this fun workshop we will go over the basics of modern calligraphy drills, letter form and exercises so you can start addressing envelopes and place cards in no time! Since this class focuses on modern calligraphy, no experience is necessary and you don't have to have a nice handwriting to write beautiful names. Impress your guests, your friends, or even if you're planning on doing this as a business by providing such a nice and personalized touch to their (or your) special event.


You could even design your own invites!


This class is for you if:

-You're a bride wanting to impress your guests by addressing your own envelopes, so you can match the outside with the inside (hello pretty invitations!);

-You know someone who's getting married and would love to do this for them;

-You would love to get in the industry, either wedding or events (or both) by addressing envelopes and place cards;

-You're none of the above, just want to have fun and learn something new!

Write your own unique place cards!

For venue info, materials included, and to register, click below!